It's the penumltimate episode before 100 and we go hard as in Die Hard!  John McClaine is a New York cop in the wrong place at the wrong time as he has to defeat terrorists in a live or die situation!  Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman square off in this action classic celebrating it's 30th Anniversary!  We discuss the film and how it stands up today and helped make Bruce Willis a star in this explosive action packed movie that we think is not a Christmas movie but more worthy of the fireworks of July 4th!

It's also a huge birthday today as we celebrate Tom Cruise getting a year older and discuss a few of our favorite Cruise film!  We tell you what we have watched lately in Download This and go over the latest news including the cancellation of Comic Book Men, The Predator trailer and more!

We then get you ready for our huge 100th episode and preview the movie that is a small little film that changed pop culture forever called Star Wars.  Enjoy!

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