Come with us as we find serenity together on the grand crusade of lost television shows!  Mark is joined by Frank in studio as we talk the new trailers from Logan and Power Rangers.  We discuss the title of Star Wars Episode 8, The Last Jedi and what we think it means but then we get into the meat of the show.  Babylon 5 first aired 24 years ago and we talk about our memorites of the show and how good it was and way ahead of it's time and where it ranks today.  It had a spinoff series called Crusade that only lasted one season so we then tell you other favorite shows of ours that were gone way too soon from teh airways.  Which was the one we missed the most and what were some fond memories of a few others?  Listen and find out and we answer a very cool fan question to end the show!

New music intro and outro by Audionautix!

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