It's a new episode of Rebel Radio with the whole crew in studio!  Mark, Matt, and even Frank are here as talk the new Wonder Woman trailer, the first look at Ghost In The Shell, and we find out why in the hell Frank missed the last couple of episodes!  It may involve Furries!  We then talk about Marvel Studio's latest film, Doctor Strange, and give our thoughts on the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving into the realm of magic!  Do we think it worked?  Listen and we tell you!

Young Justice Season 3 was announced and it got us thinking about our favorite cartoons of all time!  We discuss some of our childhood favorites and each give our top 3 favorite cartoons of all time!  Did Matt like Batman The Animated Series at #1?  Frank dug G.I. Joe growing up where does it place?  More than meets the eye for Mark but where does he place the Transformers?  We discuss them all as we go cartoon crazy on this episode of Rebel Radio!

Stay tuned Wednesday to this feed for the first episode of our new Star Wars Podcast!

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