The world awaits the epic that is Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice and last episode we discussed the Dark Knight.  This time it's the Man Of Steel in the spotlight!  Mark, Matt, and Frank take you through Superman and his years on television and in movies.  From his debut in Action Comics #1 to the early days of the Superman movie serials and the George Reeves television series.  Superman then arrived on the big screen with Christopher Reeve portraying the hero who is faster than a speeding bullet as he made you believe a man can fly.  We then go through all the other Superman films up to Man Of Steel and what we are looking forward to in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice and what we expect to take away from it!

We also discuss the return of Indiana Jones to the big screen, our excitement for Daredevil, and Matt makes rap songs that we make fun of!  Is he the new Snoop Dogg?  Listen and find out!  Enjoy the show and get ready for Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice!

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