August 19, 2015 The Rebel Radio Podcast Episode 29: What Sequels?

It's a brand new episode as your host Mark is joined by Matt "The Electric Monkey" and Frank T. Biscuit makes an appearance with an all new voice as he finally hit's puberty!!  Actually he is taking a show off as he melds his mind with a Vulcan science officer so in the meantime Mark and Matt discuss various things in this random episode.  They talk the recent Deadpool trailer, the Star Wars news to come out of D23 and more.  They then discuss sequels for movies that were never made for film's that they think should have gotten sequels!  Like for instance, where is that sequel to Breakin 2: Electirc boogaloo> It is time!!  Listen and enjoy and tell your friends! is the home of Rebel Radio please subscribe on iTunes, leave us a review, a comment, or just say hi to tell how we are doing!!

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