August 2, 2015 Rebel Radio Episode 28: GAME ON

It's a brand new episode as Mark returns from vacation and on vacation he visited Classic Game Fest in Austin, Texas and gives a full report on what went on at the show.  This leads into he and his co-hosts, Matt and Frank, talking video games starting with Atari all the way to the newest systems.  They discuss their favorite systems and games of all time as they look back on a past time they have grown up enjoying!

They also talk about video game movies and try to decide if any of them don't suck!  It's a game on extravaganza of pixels and not the crappy Adam Sandler movie that's out!  Did we mention that Arnold Schwarzenegger stops by the show and isn't to happy that the trio made fun of Terminator: Genisys!  All this and more in the latest episode of Rebel Radio! is the home of Rebel Radio please subscribe on iTunes, leave us a review, a comment, or just say hi to tell how we are doing!!

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