July 22, 2015 Rebel Radio Episode 27: COMIC-CON GENISYS

The newest episode of The Rebel Radio Podcast brings you the crew of Mark, Matt, and Frank as they talk about all the goodness that came out of Comic-Con 2015.  From the animated The Killing Joke, Ash vs Evil Dead, The Walking Dead and more they cover it all.  They discuss the new trailers for Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Suicide Squad, and what the DC Cinematic universe is looking like! They then talk a little X-Men: Apocalypse and  the leaked Deadpool gore fest of a trailer and Mark predicts that this movie may actually suck!  Yes you read that, Deadpool could suck!

From there they discuss Terminator: Genysis and try to make sense of it all but come to one final conclusion that may have them stuck in an alternate timeline!  The trio then talk about Marvel's latest big screen adventure Ant-Man and what they thought of it all. 

All this and news on the upcoming Rebel Radio Classics series celebrating 10 years of the show.  10 years?  We explain so listen up!!

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