November 4, 2015 REBEL RADIO CLASSICS Vol. 2: DAGO NICK pt. 1

The long awaited second volume of Rebel Radio Classics has arrived featuring more insanity from when Rebel Radio was an internet radio show back in 2006!  We are counting down our 10th Anniversary by bringing you these classics from way back when.  In this second volume your host Mark a.k.a DJ Trey, Frank a.k.a Biscuit, and Matt a.k.a Electric Monkey are joined by their friend from the Bronx, Dago Nick!  Nick isn't always the most narrow edged guy and he brings some of his street sense to Rebel Radio as only he could.  The crew interviews Nick about his Bronx life, they then listen to his views on Spider-Man 3, and we talk some Star Wars and hear how funny it is when you add the word "pants" to certain lines in the Star Wars Trilogy!  All this on Volume 2 of Rebel Radio Classics!

Ed. Note:  Some audio is may not be of the best quality as this was recorded almost ten years ago on inferior equipment.  Also the names of some websites, shows, etc are no longer live or available.

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