September 23, 2019 EPISODE164: THE HATEFUL EIGHT

In a post Civil War world, eight strangers are brought together to wait out a blizzard in Minnie's Haberdashery.  John Ruth, The Hangman, is carrying a prisoner back to collect his bounty & as he trusts no one amongst these strangers, things soon get more & more out of hand as the hatred endures between them all.  Quentin Tarantino directs an all star cast in a part who done it, part mystery film where things are not always what they seem and won't turn out the way you would expect!  We welcome Clint from RAWCAST on this week's show as we discuss The Hateful Eight!  Clint is a hardcore Tarantino fan & brings his knowledge to this week's episode talking Tarantino's 8th film!

We also discuss the recent tragic flooding in our city, talk what we have watched lately in Download This including the timing of the new Tool album for Clint's upcoming adventure!  WE talk the new Ghostbusters film in the news, plus do you want another Star Wars Holiday Special?  We then preview next week's episode which kicks off Halloween Horrors with The Monster Squad!  

Thanks so much to Clint for joining us and make sure you catch his show RAWCAST on all podcast apps!

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