November 22, 2021 EPISODE 275: GHOSTBUSTERS II

They are back! In this 1989 sequel to the massive hit film, the Ghostbusters return to save New York once again!  After some tough years on the ghost busting scene they are called back into action when a slime is brewing underneath the city and helping to bring a great threat back to life.  It's up to Ray, Peter, Winston, & Egon to stop the menace before it destroys all of New York & then the world! We discuss this maybe no so good but yet fun sequel this week with Ghostbusters 2!

In Download This we talk some things we watched including the first episode of Cowboy Bebop on Netflix, in the Top 5 we recast the Ghostbusters with modern actors, and discuss the latest news including the new trailer for Spider-Man: No Way home.  We then preview next week's film, The Matrix Reloaded!

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