April 19, 2021 EPISODE 244: L.A. CONFIDENTIAL

In 1950's Los Angeles, crime is on the rise due to a boss running heroin in the streets, a porn mogul helping finance things, & a corrupt police department where you don't know who you can trust,  Detective Bud White, new recruit Ed Exley, & Detective Jack are three cops on the force who find their stories intertwined as they uncover something greater going on in connection with the recent Night Owl murders. What they find will change the face of the Los Angeles police department forever.  Russel Crowe, Guy Peirce, Kevin Spacey, Kim Basinger, & James Cromwell star in the brilliant 1997 crime thriller, L.A. Confidential!

In this week's Top 5 we discuss our favorite movie dames, we discuss just how much the new Lord Of The Rings television series is going to cost Amazon, & in Download This we talked what we watched this week!  We then preview our final film in Cops & Mobsters Month as we talk The Departed on next week's show!

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