September 21, 2020 EPISODE 215: ALMOST FAMOUS

Young William Miller is an aspiring journalist who loves rock n roll.  After he meets Lester Bangs & begins writing for Cream Magazine he catches a big break to write an article for Rolling Stone on the band Stillwater.  His journey begins across the country  with the beautiful & mysterious Penny Lane, the band members Russel Hammond, Jeff Bebe, & more while his mother worries at home that he is going to be all right!  It's a musical & inspiring journey across the landscape of the late 1970's in Cameron Crowe's wonderful semi-autobiographical film, Almost Famous.

In the Weekly Top 5 we discuss band's we always wanted to see live, we discuss The Mandalorian trailer in this week's news, & what did we watch this week? Find out in Download This!  Plus we preview next week's film, 2015's Serenity.

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