August 10, 2020 EPISODE 209: THE KILLER

Jong is the assassin with a conscious as he decides to take on one last job to pay for a surgery of someone injured during one of his firefights.  When he is double crossed though things get out of hand as he has to contend with his former triad's after him, as well as a hot shot cop who wants to bring him in but also realizes that Jong may be his only ally as well.  Chow Yun-Fat stars in the gritty & influential action classic, The Killer from maestro John Woo.  This is Mark's birthday pick for 2020 & one of his favorite action film's of all time.

We also discuss the latest news this week including why Star Trek is put on hold again & more.  We tell you what we watched this week in Download This, and in our Weekly Top 5 we discuss our favorite action stars to grace the silver screen.  We then preview next week's film, True Romance before it's all over!

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