November 18, 2019 EPISODE 172: Disney’s HERCULES

Disney Plus is now out in the world for almost everyone to stream classic movies, television shows & more so on this week's episode we take a look back at an animated Disney classic & dive deep into what Disney Plus has to offer!  In 1997's Hercules from Disney we get a new take on the tale of Zues' son as he has to learn what it means to be a hero in this tale of good & evil with some great fun music, stylish animation, & some voice work from one James Woods that will have you cheering! 

We also dive deep into Disney Plus & take a look at the streaming service along with a full spoiler free review of the first two episodes of the new live action Star Wars television series, The Mandalorain!  This show is already epic & it's only two episodes in!  Plus the latest news in pop culture & a preview of next week's film as we continue with a live action Disney classic, Tron!

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