February 12, 2015 EPISODE 16: TANGLED WEB

It's an insanely tangled web in this episode of The Rebel Radio Podcast as your host Mark is joined by Matt The Electric Monkey & Frank T. Biscuit along with straight from The Warp C.A.V.E. Podcast we bring the Evil Dr. Tran along for the ride as our special guest!  We discuss the huge news that Spider-Man is coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and what it all means!!  We also talk about the Fantastic Four reboot, wishing the X-Men were part of the MCU as well, and of course Matt mentions Chris Evans junk!

The Evil Dr. Tran shares his thoughts with the crew on the things mentioned above and much more.  We also talk about the recent mid-season return of The Walking Dead and Frank must have forgotten his mind because he says he use to pretend to walk like those things in the Dark Crystal!  Say what??  It's all in this web of mystery, excitement, and more on this episode!

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