July 15, 2019 EPISODE 154: MAD MAX

In the not so distant future outlaws run the streets as society is crumbling but a group of police officers try to maintain what peace is left in their town until a motor cycle gang led by the ruthless Toecutter comes roaring in.  Max Rockatansky tries to hang onto his humanity & do his job as a peace officer but he is pushed to the brink of madness when unspeakable horrors are brought upon him at the hands of the gang.  Mad Max tells the story of society on the brink and one man's quest for vengeance when he is brought to his breaking point!  George Miller directed this cult classic as we discuss it on this weeks episode.

We also talk Spider-Man: Far From Home in this week's Download This, the latest news including Sith Troopers, & people may or may not have been urinated on....listen & it makes sense...sort of!  Plus a preview of next week's featured movie, Ghostbusters!

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