January 4, 2015 EPISODE 13: THE FURY OF 2014 AND A HALF

The Rebel Radio Podcast is back after a bit of a break and we cram in a load of fun in this 50 minute extravaganza.  Join your host Mark as he welcomes his co-host Matt The Electric Monkey and Frank T. Biscuit as they discuss The 2014 Jedi Awards presented by the home of Rebel Radio, trustmeimajedi.com The trio talk about the Best Comic Book Movie, Most Anticipated Movie, and Movie Of The Year.  They then talk about their top 5 flicks of 2014 before moving on to 2015 and  what they are looking forward to this year.  All of this and Matt even dreams of Chris Evans junk while Frank wishes he was wearing leather underwear in a Mad Max movie.  Frightening yes, but fun as hell as well!  Listen and enjoy and go tell your friends!

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