Mark, Frank, and Matt are back from Comicpalooza 2017!  We bring back tales from the show and talk about what we enjoyed from this year's edition!  We also have a few interviews as we welcome Sam Jones, Flash Gordon himself, onto the show to talk about the legacy of Flash Gordon and more!  We then welcome back Chuck Huber, voice actor extraordinaire as we catch up with what he has been doing as well as talk some Star Trek Continues, Dragon Ball Super and much more!  For our final interview Ming Chen of AMC's Comic Book Men returns to the show for the fourth time as we have a lengthy conversation about all sorts of things with him!  We didn't get a chance to ask him because the news broke after the con but we discuss his new comic, coffee, and gaming cafe he is opening in Houston, Texas as well.  Enjoy the interviews and witness the return of the Ming in this fun conversation!

We then discuss the latest trailers, news, and a few more tidbits that have happened lately before we close out the show!  It's a palooza of geek and nerd fun in this episode of The Rebel Radio Podcast.

New music intro and outro by Audionautix!

Show Notes:

Sam Jones Interview 19:36

Chuck Huber interview 25:55

Ming Chen conversation 41:28

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