Join your hosts Mark, Matt, and Frank as they discuss the super hero showdown that is Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice!  The critics hated it but what did we think?!  We let you know that it isn't as bad as those crazy critics made it out to be as we break it down with our likes and dislikes of the film.  How was Batfleck?  How was the epic battle between the world's finest heroes?  How awesome was Wonder Woman's feature debut? We break it all down and look forward to dawn and the rest of the DC Film's universe! 

We also discuss the incredible cool retro video game Broforce and how cool it is in all of it's awesomness!  We discuss the new Voltron cartoon coming to Netflix, a little bit of Daredevil season 2 (but not much since Mark isn't finished watching it yet) and talk some Walking Dead on this episode as well as answer the latest question of the week from the Houston Nerd Casting Collective, where you can find a lot of great podcasts on!  All this and we manage to get a reference about balls on the show as well! es those kind of balls!

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