December 14, 2016 REMNANTS OF THE REBELLION EPISODE 3: The Force Awakens - A Year Later

A new episode is here just before Rogue One hits theaters.  Mark & Matt take a quick look back at the much talked about but never loved Star Wars Holiday Special.  The not so classic television program aired only once and has found a home on bootleg video copies through the years.  We discuss it and just how bad is it!  Bad enough we may do a live tweet event while watching it!

We then take a look back at Star Wars: The Force Awakens a year later.  Which of the crazy rumors were true for the film and which were lost in the myths of Star Wars lore?  Also how does TFA hold up a year later?  We let you know our thoughts.  This and more on this new episode of Remnants Of The Rebellion!

Outro Music By Travis Weatherred!

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