January 22, 2015 EPISODE 14: A New Hope (If There Is Such A Thing)

It's a new episode with your host with a brand new mic so we sound awesome!  There is hope for us yet....or not!! Your host Mark is joined by Frank T. Biscuit and Matt "The Elect..... oh wait, where is The Electric Monkey??  Not in the studio for this episode so therefore he gets his balls busted!  While we have fun with Matt we also formally introduce ourselves as we get to know your podcasters a bit more!!  What got us into what we do?  What do we geek out on?  Will Frank do the truffle shuffle?  Find out!!  We also discuss the Rebel Radio Digital Trading Cards and what they are for so listen up!

We then discuss  the new trailers for Ant-Man, and Avengers: Age Of Ultron.  We talk about our favorite guilty pleasure flicks and the ones that we can put into the movie player anytime and it just makes you feel happy!!

Then as an added bonus, Mikael, Mark's 6 year old son comes on the show and talks about his favorite comic book heroes!  You don't want to miss it!!!  Also did we mention that we hand it to Matt for missing the show?!  All this and more on this episode of The Rebel Radio Podcast!!

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